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Umalusi - Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training

Mission and Vision

Umalusi Council is the cornerstone on which the country `s educational aspirations and standards are anchored and built; and as such the Council and staff are committed to continuous improvement in standards and quality in general and further education and training. In order to issue learners with credible certificates, Umalusi, through its leadership and expert knowledge, develops and secures standards through:

  • quality assuring qualifications and curricula
  • confirming that assessment is fair, valid and reliable
  • quality assuring the provision of education and training, and assessment of providers, and
  • grounding its work in research to ensure informed positions and approaches
  • Integrity: honesty, transparency, commitment to principles, accountable; setting an example, uncompromising, authentic
  • Professionalism: expert knowledge, expert judgments, impartial, evidence-based decisions, research informed
  • Rigour: depth, thoroughness, critical interrogation
  • Innovation: inventive, imaginative, modernity, cutting edge, originality
  • Service Excellence: responsiveness, flexibility, consistency, predictability, rapid turn around.
Strategic Goals
  • Promote quality and internationally comparative standards in General and Further Education and Training(GFET)
  • Maintain and improve educational standards through development and evaluation of qualifications and curriculum, quality assurance of assessment, and accreditation of providers of education, training and assessment
  • Continuously develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in mandated areas through rigorous research
  • Report on the quality of education and training in General and Further Education and Training(GFET) within the mandate
  • Issue appropriate and credible certificates of learner achievement in terms of specific qualifications on the General and Further Education and Training(GFET) Framework of Qualifications
  • Provide reliable and credible leadership and guidance in standard setting and quality assurance
  • Ensure the financial efficiency and sustainability of the organisation, and
  • Position the organisation optimally to achieve it`s stated goals

What should learners know

The Certificates Umalusi issues
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Issue 12 : September 2016
Official Newsletter of Umalusi

Annual report

Annual Report 2015/2016

Official Annual Report of Umalusi

Annual report


Issue 2 – June 2016

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