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Umalusi - Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training

Application for Accreditation

Who should apply for accreditation

Only private providers of education and training and private assessment bodies that wish to provide tuition and/or assess qualifications on the General and Further Education and Training Qualifications Framework should apply.

These include:

  • Independent schools
  • Private Further Education and Training Colleges (FET Colleges)
  • Private Adult Education and Training Centres
  • Private assessment bodies that assess the qualifications Umalusi certifies

The application process

The application process commences with an "Expression of Intent" which can be completed and submitted on-line

Once the "expression of intent" has been submitted and screened to ensure that the private provider falls within the scope of Umalusi `s quality assurance mandate, the applicant will be contacted and the process taken forward.

For information on the full accreditation process please contact the Evaluation and Accreditation Unit at 012-349-1510

What should learners know
The Certificates Umalusi issues
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Apply for accreditation
Online evaluation
National fraud hotline 0800 000 889
For any queries phone 012 349 1510


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Annual Report 2017/2018

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