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Umalusi - Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training

Tenders Awarded

Tender No. Description Awarded to
UMALUSI (18-19) T0004 Provisioning of Cleaning and Hygiene Services to Umalusi for 24 months

Mamulo Trading and Projects

UMALUSI (18-19) T0001 Provision of Desktops and Laptops for a period of three (3) years for Dell or equivalent products

1. The Blukam group
2. 3DR Holdings
3. Khartye promotions enterprise.

UMALUSI (18-19) T0003 Appointment of Principal Agent with a team of Professionals for renovations and additions of an existing building for office space 1. LDM Consulting (pty) Ltd
UMALUSI (18-19) T0002 Provision of Security services at uMalusi for three (3) years Rise Security
Umalusi (17-18) T0001 Provision of External Auditors Services for a period of three years Nexia SAB&T
UMALUSI (16-17) T0005 Provision of Travel Management for the period of 3 years Travel with flair (pty) Ltd
UMALUSI (16-17) T0001 Provision of Turnkey Services for Refurbishment of Building at 41 General Van Reyneveld Street, Perseqour Technopark, Pretoria Kabini jv CET
UMALUSI (16-17) T0006 Provision of Internal Audit and Risk Management Services for a period of three years Business Innovations Group(BIG)
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Annual Report 2017/2018

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